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Customer Testimonials

"Just wanted to say thanks. I installed your telnet server and it's working like a champ!"
-- Matthew Cox, LogisticsWorld

"I wanted to thank you once again for the fast response and for making such a useful tool (Telnet Server for Win NT). It is rare to see someone develop a product that's spot on target to what it claims it does - you are definitely up there."
-- Daniel Tone

"I have downloaded the eval Telnet and FTP servers for Windows NT (Intel), and I must say, they are impressive products. I am a systems administrator, and I save users from themselves by disallowing them to cross-mount each other's drives via NFS or NetBIOS. However, there are times when we, as administrators, need to FTP files or remotely log into users' NT systems for administrative purposes, and your products seem to fill that gap admirably."
-- Sean O'Neill, CAD Supervisor, Maxim Integrated Products

"you have a good solid product, keep up the good work!"
-- Kavi Singh

"I've been trying several telnet servers the past few days and your product is the only one that met all my needs: uses the existing NT user IDs so I don't have to re-create them, and it runs the perl scripts I've written. So, "Good job!" and thanks!"
-- Petre Scheie

"I downloaded the telnet server for evaluation, and I'm very impressed. It seems to be a solid product with good features."
-- Mike Sieweke

"Your telnet server for win2k is the best one I found and I really tried."
-- Yakov

"hi guys...i downloaded ur telnet server for win98...its great product... tx"
-- def

"I am at present researching methods of database connectivity via the internet, where some of the programs are old dos programs. So at this time your Telnet Server has proven to be one method of solving connection to the old DOS regime under Windows 95 via TCP/IP. Must say all was very easy to get up and going. May I give the product the thumbs up ! "
-- Brian Herring

"Much better than that stupid Resource Kit telnet server!!! Thanks! - jrj"
-- Jeff Jenkins

"Hello ! I have just downloded the NT version of the telnet server. I searched very much for such a server. I have some demos but they are not working very well. But your product WORKS COOL !!!!!! Congratulations !!!! GOOD JOB !!!!!"
-- Ponoran Adrian

"Your product is fascinating..."
-- S.G

"You were recommend by dti and I will order, works great."
-- A.D.

"Wonderful product! I just ordered a copy from the Web site. Especially after I tried a shareware Telnet server that couldn't even run DIR, it was a joy to see EDIT and industrial control programming software come up in a Telnet window! We'll order one for every system we ship."
-- M.H.

"…I will recommend this product..."
-- D.B.

"First off, congrats on putting together a really nice telnet server....Your server is definitely at the top of the heap."
-- S.B.

"Holy Crud! I only sent that message last night. Where do you guys get off having that good of a response time? :) Thanks. "
-- Lon Enkey, NOC Tech

"I had accidentally ordered the Windows NT ftp server instead of the telnet server due to being overworked, and simply clicking the wrong checkbox. I informed you of this matter, and promptly got the software, which I really had intended to buy. I want to thank you for this fair treatment, and really outstanding service."
-- Harald Schmidl

"…That did it. All fixed now. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this, really good service.take care. Kevin."
-- Kevin Hall, Head of Internet - Production

"Thanks again for the telnet hints. You really ARE good guys, aren't you? "
-- Lynette Baker

"...thanks for your help. It works perfectly."
-- Edwin Kwan - MIS

"Wow! That was a quick answer! I'm impressed."
-- Peg Ross

"First of all, I was very impressed how quickly you answered my request. Now I am VERY VERY impressed because once I renamed the Folder to "TLNTSVR", it worked without ANY problems. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!"
-- David Adams

"Thank you very much for your timely response!"
-- J.Z.

"...Thank you for your prompt response and excellent support."
-- G.H.

"That worked great! Thanks for the timely response."
-- B.K.