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GoodTech Company Overview

GoodTech Systems is a privately held firm founded in 1998, and is based in El-Cerrito California.


Our core competency is in Network Software. We have remained firmly focused on network software, and this has helped us cultivate the requisite technological and professional expertise that forms our main competitive advantage. This has been well leveraged for the constant enhancement of our products and for the development of new products.

Development Standards

GoodTech Systems provide feature-rich, cost-effective products, that are well tested on popular target platforms for reliability, stability and performance. Our products are in line with the latest standards. It helps our customers and partners easily integrate our products with a variety of hardware and software components that make up their environment. Our Quality focus ensures high quality, on time and high-performance products.


GoodTech Systems flagship line of products is our award-winning TELNET SERVER family, that includes: Telnet server for Windows 95/98/Me, and Telnet Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10 on Intel/Alpha platforms. Other products include: FTP Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10 , FTP Server for Windows 95/98/Me, SMTP Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10, GTTerm for Windows, and SSH Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10. For the complete list of our products and their key features see the products part of our site.


GoodTech Systems support staff is knowledgeable, responsive and helpful and most of the requests are addressed within the same business day. Customer support has always been a priority for us. We keep our customers satisfied, and they keep coming back. To explore our online support tools see the support part of our site.


GoodTech Systems has thousands of customers around the globe. The customer base is diversified, and our products have been deployed in a range of different markets. To learn more about our customers see the customers part of our site.


The usage of our telnet server product varies from remote administration, through radio frequency (RF) handheld connectivity, to usage and sharing of remote host resources. To get a taste how other companies successfully implemented our products see the implementation stories part of our site.


Building mutually beneficial partnerships to provide cost-effective solutions are paramount to GoodTech's business strategy. GoodTech has segmented the partnership program into three key categories: 1) OEM Partners 2) Reseller partners 3) Review and Download sites. To read more about our partners see the partners part of our site.

Thank you again for your interest in GoodTech Systems

We welcome any feedback, questions or comments from you, please feel free to contact us