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SMTP Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10 V7.6

The product provides Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to any email client out of the box. It forwards email messages directly to their recipients. GoodTech SMTP server runs as a service on the host Windows machine.

  • Privacy of messages
  • No dependence on the availability of your ISP's SMTP server
  • Faster message delivery

Product Uses

Privacy of messages

Any message you send when using your ISPís SMTP server could be read by anyone who has access to the SMTP Server machine. If you send confidential information, like credit card data, this might be a serious problem.

If you use GoodTech SMTP Server instead of your ISPís server and run it locally on your machine, no one can see your confidential information except you.

No dependence on the availability of your ISP's SMTP server

When your ISPís SMTP server is unavailable, you can still send messages using your own SMTP Server running on your machine.
If you use different Internet accounts you probably need to use different SMTP Servers for each one of them, instead you can use your own SMTP Server by installing GoodTech SMTP Server on your own machine and configure ALL your Internet accounts to use it.

Faster message delivery

A message sent using your ISPís SMTP Server is not necessarily delivered immediately to your recipient. It depends on the ISPís SMTP settings. It can be set to send email messages at specific time intervals, or it can delay a message when it is overloaded.

GoodTech SMTP Server delivers messages directly/immediately from your computer to their destination.

    SMTP Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10