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Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/7/8/10 V6.9

The product turns a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/7/8/10 system into a multi-user Telnet server. Gives Telnet users full access to Windows NT command line. Telnet users can run a variety of character-based applications. Accepts any telnet connection from any client (Unix, NT, 2000, 95, 98, Me, any wireless handheld, etc.) right out of the box. Features include support for both line mode (with scroll buffer) and screen mode, local printing on the client side, connection restriction based on Host or IP address, connection restriction based on number of users, etc.

Product Uses

Remotely administer a system
To administer a system, you must be at the console of that system. With telnet, the remote administrator can support a system that may be physically located miles away.

Telnet from your wireless RF handhelds
To run character-based applications on the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/7/8/10 system.

Connect SAPConsole and RF device
By using telnet connection. SAPConsole converts a standard SAP Gui screen to a character based screen.

Run old Dos applications
Telnet allows moving applications from old platforms to run on NT. Telnet is used to provide the interface to the users.

Run multiple users on a single Windows NT system
Windows NT can handle multiple users running different jobs at the same time, but only one user can be using the system console at a time. Telnet allows multiple users to be concurrently logged in.

Run programs where they run most efficiently
Telnet allows remote users to run programs on the host rather than on their machine. It is more efficient to do so in case

Product Features

  • Compatible with 3rd party Telnet clients such as Microsoft Telnet, CRT from Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. or POWER TERM from Ericom Software.
  • Screen mode and line mode with scroll buffer support
  • Full Function Keys support (including F%,CTRL-F%,SHIFT-F%,ALT-F%)
  • Color support
  • Graphics support (, FCW.exe, etc.)
  • Client printing: Allows telnet user to print locally
  • Alternate command shell support such as 4NT from JP Soft and Unix Shells like Korn Shell
  • Automatic support for screen sizes other than 25*80
  • Logon scripting: Allows user to automatically run a specific application/script upon connection
  • Logon directory: Allows user to specify home directory upon connection
  • Graceful termination upon abnormal termination of client (link or computer failure)
  • Support for Terminal emulations DEC VT100, DEC VT220
  • Remote Monitoring of existing Telnet connections and users logged in
  • Remote disabling/enabling new connections to host
  • Remote shutdown of Telnet Server
  • Remote stopping of user session
  • Timeout parameters to control user login/session idle time
  • Support for ALT keys (example ALT-F = CTRL+A+F)
  • Support for CTRL-C
  • Includes utility to map ASCII characters in a Multilanguage environment
  • Connection restriction based on number of users
  • Connection restriction based on Host or IP address
  • Automatic login based on IP,user,password and domain
  • Support for bell sound on client
  • Support for network drive home directory and domain logon script
  • Screen and line mode based on IP address or username
  • Support for global login script for ALL users
    Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/7/8/10